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Walter.Web.FireWall Namespace
ASP-WAF Web application firewall for .Net 6, .Net 5, .Net Standard 2.1 and .Net Core 3.x

GuardActionEventArgs Class

Guard events being raised by the firewall when an GuardAction is anything but NoAction

Namespace:  Walter.Web.FireWall.EventArguments
Assembly:  Walter.Web.FireWall (in Walter.Web.FireWall.dll)


public class GuardActionEventArgs


You can interact with the action based on your own application work-flows. the bellow sample shows that users that are found to be spoofing are blocked for at-least 1 year
private void FireWall_OnGuardAction(object sender, GuardActionEventArgs e)
       if (e.Page.User.AsFirewallUser().IsSpoofing)
           foreach (var item in e.Page.Incidents())
               item.Expires = DateTime.UtcNow.AddDays(300);
       e.AllowGuardAction = true;