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Walter.Web.FireWall Namespace
ASP-WAF Web application firewall for .Net 6, .Net 5, .Net Standard 2.1 and .Net Core 3.x

FireWallReportType Enumeration

Enum FireWallReportType

Namespace:  Walter.BOM
Assembly:  Walter.BOM (in Walter.BOM.dll)


public enum FireWallReportType


Member nameDescription
None The type was not set
Generic The report is a generic report
AbuseReport The report is a ISP abuse report
SOC The report is SOC related
ENISA The report is ENISA related
ISO27000 The report is ISO-27000 related
Country The report context is country
IPAddress The report context is an IP address
UserActivity The report context is about a user's activity
InternetServiceProvider The report context internet service provider