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Walter.Web.FireWall Namespace
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Walter.Web.FireWall Namespace


  Class Description
Public class ConcreteTypeConverter<(Of <(<'TConcrete>)>)>
Type converter specific types
Public class ContentSecurityPolicyViolation
Class ContentSecurityPolicyViolation. Implements the [IContentSecurityPolicyViolation]
Public class ContentSecurityPolicyViolation..::..ContentSecurityPolicyViolationsReport
Content security policy violations report data
Public class Cookie
Cookies as found in the response of the request
Public class DesignTimeVulnerabilityDetectedException
Class DesignTimeVulnerabilityDetectedException is triggered when exploit is detected and you're debugging the firewall. Implements the [Exception]
Public class FireWallBase
Class FireWallBase is the base class to use when creating your own instance of IFireWall by using this class as it's base class.
Public class FireWallDashboardUser
Class FireWallDashboardUser. This class cannot be inherited.
Public class ISPIncident
Incidents associated to a CIDR
Public class LicenseEventArgs
Class LicenseEventArgs is used when a license event is triggered by the firewall. Implements the [System.EventArgs]
Public class LicenseLevelChangedEventArgs
Class LicenseLevelChangedArgs occurs when a license lever change has been detected.
Public class LicenseViolation
Class LicenseViolation is used to count firewall license violations.
Public class PoisonedCookie
Class PoisonedCookie contains cookies that have been poisoned as well as the method of poisoning used.
Public class SecurityViolationException
Security violations exceptions are raised to communicate violations to the consumer and contain information on the violation
Public class SiteMapDiscovery
Class used for the site-map discovery firewall Url validation.


  Structure Description
Public structure Interactions
Interactions that the user had with a rendered page (only applicable when you use UserDiscovery)
Public structure ModelValidationErrors
Model violation errors and score


  Interface Description
Public interface IDiscoveryLogger
Interface IDiscoveryLogger allows you to log discovery data made by the users javascript executions
Public interface IFireWall
Interface IFireWall provides access to the FireWall management framework.
Public interface IFireWallConfig
Interface IFireWallConfig provides access to the configuration options for the firewall's runtime options.
Public interface IFireWallDashboardUser
user for the internal firewall authentication system
Public interface IFireWallDiskGuard
Disk related guard for activity of the IFireWall
Public interface IFireWallRuleTrigger
Interface IFireWallRuleTrigger
Public interface IGeoProvider
Geo-provider implementation interface allows you to register your own GEO provider with the firewall, Use IFireWall.Set() method to register your own
Public interface IInstrumented
Interface IInstrumented allows those that consume the firewall a way to extract the activities as well as the duration of a given activity.
Public interface ILicenseManager
access to the license manager
Public interface IModelValidationContext
Interface used for validating data models returned by the user to a public endpoint
Public interface IPageRequest
Interface IPageRequest contains the meta data in as the firewall managed this page and it's access to it, a custom implementation of this Interface will be rejected by the firewall
Public interface IPageRequestGroupIdValidation
Indicates that the model contains a PageRequestGroupId or PageRequestId value
Public interface IPageRequestsReposiory
Interface IPageRequestsReposiory stores page requests, the request as well as the fulfillment
Public interface IProxyProvider
Proxy provider allows you to implement your own proxy provider for the firewall, Use IFireWall.Set() method to register your own
Public interface IRequester
Interface IRequester
Public interface ISessionIdValidation
Indicates that the model contains a SessionId with the value containing the IPageRequest.SessionId
Public interface ISiteMapLogger
logger for site map model on the source page
Public interface IUnblock
Interface IUnblock interface carries information about the IP address and user combination that can be allowed to access a system
Public interface IUriResolverDictionary
Interface IUriResolver
Public interface IUserIdentity
Interface IUserIdentity allows interaction with the user of a given request


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration BlockingReason
Blocking reason error codes
Public enumeration BlokingScopes
Enum BlokingScope
Public enumeration ClearOptions
Use clearing of firewall data sporadically as the data is important when operating the firewall
Public enumeration CookiePoisoningMethod
Enum CookiePoisoningMethod
Public enumeration EndPointCompairs
how match of the endpoint has to match
Public enumeration FireWallGuards
Enumeration controlling the guards that are used by the firewall
Public enumeration FireWallModules
The Enum FireWallModules lists those modules that the firewall is made up of. The Enum is used instrumenting performance and indicates the steps being executed.
Public enumeration FireWallProtectionModes
Defines the FireWall protection mode that is going to be used
Public enumeration FireWallState
The state of the firewall
Public enumeration FramesPolicy
IFrame policy
Public enumeration ItemCompairs
Enum ItemCompairs tests how an item compares to it's dictionary value
Public enumeration JavaScriptUpdatesIsUserDiscoveries
maintains the value of the User Discovery framework JavaScript Updates that have been executed by the Page
Public enumeration LicenseSource
Enum LicenseSource
Public enumeration MachineLearningIntegrationLevels
The Enum controlling Machine Learning Integration Levels
Public enumeration NetworkInformationType
the type of connection a device is using to communicate with the network. It will be one of the following values
Public enumeration RecordedInteractions
Enum Recorded Interactions
Public enumeration RequestersAssociations
describes association between a resource and a requester
Public enumeration RoutingEndpoint
Enum RoutingEndpoints
Public enumeration RuleNumber
A static class used to map rule numbers to rule names (reference only)
Public enumeration TrustingSites
Sites that are trusted by the firewall a allowed site will not raise as violation for cross site scripting. Please note that you have no control over 3rd party sites and a compromised 3rd party site will be able to inject malicious content in your page without you knowing,
Public enumeration UserTypes
Types of users that are discovered and that can be filtered on. ///
Public enumeration ViolationStatusCode
configurable status codes used by Denial of Service Status Codes used by Firewall rather then returning a regular status codes masking the fact that we have discovered the intend.