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Walter.Web.FireWall Namespace
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Walter.Web.FireWall.RuleEngine Namespace


  Class Description
Public class DefaultRules
default firewall rule
Public class FireWallRule
Class FireWallRule. Implements the IFireWallRule
Public class FrequencyRule
Frequency related rules are those that allow an attempt for a given duration to allow for user error for a given time until it triggers.
Public class RegExRule
Class RegExRule. Implements the FrequencyRule
Public class RulesCollection
Thread-Safe collection of rules allowing for live updates to the rules database


  Interface Description
Public interface IFireWallRule
basic rule properties
Public interface IFirewallViolations
Interface IFirewallViolations is a mini database containing a scoped data set for a user, IP address or other dimension on the incident data
Public interface IIncidentDatabase
Access the Incidents database of the firewall
Public interface IRuntimeRulesEngine
Interface IRuntimeRulesEngine allows to access the rule-engine's external rules (those you invoke in your code) as these rules may have aditional methods or considerations that are not maintain


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration IncidentDatataManagment
Enum IncidentDatataManagment contains a method to filter incidents for management interface
Public enumeration KnownRule
Enum KnownRules
Public enumeration PatternLocations
The enum PatternLocation determines or documents where a pattern was expected to have matched
Public enumeration RuleFilters
RuleFilter state how the rule should apply
Public enumeration RuleGroups
Group that a given rule belong to
Public enumeration UrlValidatedResult
Enum UrlValidatedResult returns what rule was violated by the rule engine executing blockedPatterns