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Walter.Web.FireWall Namespace
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Walter.Web.FireWall.Reporting Namespace


  Class Description
Public class EmailReportData
The class EmailReportData will be created based on the users role as assigned in the configuration
Public class EmailReportData..::..ReportDetails
detail containing the violations reported to the user
Public class FireWallReportingModel
indicates that the model can be used when rendering firewall reports in views
Public class HealthReportingData
Class ReportingData contains the format of the data that will get populated
Public class HealthReportingData..::..DiskChange
Class DisckChange contains the meta data on file change data.
Public class HealthReportingData..::..Incident
Class Incident.
Public class HealthReportingData..::..ReportDetails
The details's of the firewall health status
Public class HealthReportingData..::..ToDo
Class ToDo contains to-do as well as exception related to-do items.
Public class HealthReportingData..::..Visits
Visits recorded by the firewall. Implements the IVisitStats


  Interface Description
Public interface IFireWallReportingModel
Interface IFireWallReportingModel indicates that the model can be used when rendering firewall reports in views


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ReportFormat
ReportFormat used when generating firewall reports
Public enumeration ReportTypes
The enumerable ReportTypes allows you to select the report data that will be rendered in the firewall reporting interface