Walter.BOM Namespace
Walter.Web.FireWall Namespace
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Walter.Web.FireWall.Infrastructure Namespace


  Class Description
Public class ApplicationVersionException
En exception indicating that the version is not compatible with the infrastructure used
Public class BadDefaultRouteException
Class BadDefaultRouteException is created when a bad default rout is defined. Implements the [System.Exception]
Public class BreadCrumbCollection
Contains the visiting statistics of the user
Public class DiscoveredRout
DiscoveredRout structure contains meta data discovered in the application as well as that of those controllers and API endpoints that had firewall annotations on them.
Public class FireWallExtensions
Extensions class used for and by the firewall
Public class HttpStatusCodeException
Class HttpStatusCodeException. Implements the [System.Exception]
Public class TrackingTimeLine
User tracking time line of how he / it interacted with the site


  Interface Description
Public interface ICookiePoisoningRuleEngine
The interface ICookiePoisoningRuleEngine provides access to the Rule engine managing the count of issues detected with cookies
Public interface IDiscoveredRoutProxy
Interface IDiscoveredRoutProxy
Public interface IFireWallDataSource
datasets for the firewall
Public interface IKnownLinks
Interface IKnownLinks returns all controllers/ endpoints discovered by the system
Public interface IRazorStringRenderer
interface that can be injected using DI framework to render views for items like firewall health reporting and email templates
Public interface IRequestsDatabase
Interface IRequestDatabase
Public interface ISubscriptions
Indicates that the interface contains subscription data
Public interface ISubscriptionsRepository
ASP-WAF subscription data repository
Public interface IUserTracking
A container used by user tracking user activity in a session
Public interface IWhoisRepository
Store IWhois information


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration AdminAccess
Enum AdminAccess
Public enumeration CanvasDataType
Data format that is logged
Public enumeration FileSafetyContext
Enum FileSafetyContext
Public enumeration FlowReason
The reason why a consumer was transfered from one page to another
Public enumeration ObjectIOState
Enum ObjectIOState indicates the busy state of a backing storage