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Walter.Web.FireWall.Geo Namespace


  Class Description
Public class GeoBlockingPolicy
The Geo blocking policy rule for the firewall
Public class GeoBlockingPolicyBuilder
Builder pattern for generating and configuring GEO policy
Public class GeoFreeAccess
geographic free access that's white-listed for the firewall


  Interface Description
Public interface IAsyncMiddleware
indicates that the middleware expects to be executed async
Public interface IGeoAPIFactory
specifies that the geo factory is using an api to get data
Public interface IGeoFactory
Geography factory base implementation contract
Public interface ILatLongRepository
Tells that the GEO factory is also capable of providing lat/long values as well as city related information


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ContentType
defines what type of geo content is loaded
Public enumeration GeoDataDetailLevels
Attempts to satisfy and control the Geographical data level accuracy if the GEO provider supports the level
Public enumeration GeoFreeAccessReason
the reason why geographical blocking is not triggered
Public enumeration GeoMethod
Specify the method of accessing GEO data from the Geo Provider