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Walter.Web.FireWall Namespace
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Walter.Web.FireWall.Configurations Namespace


  Class Description
Public class AdministrationConfig
Manage the site security using administration dashboard
Public class BlockDurationConfig
Configuration class stating how blocking should be managed from a configuration perspective. Look at annotation attributes for per action configuration. you find them in name space Walter.Web.FireWall.Annotations
Public class BlockRequestsConfig
configuration class stating how blocking is configured
Public class CashingConfig
Class used for configuring cashing in the firewall
Public class CertificateConfig
Certification configuration
Public class ConfigurationsException
Error on a given configuration elements
Public class CookieConfig
Cookie configuration for use in FireWall module
Public class CypherConfig
Cypher configuration
Public class DDOSConfig
DDOS specific configuration
Public class HeaderConfig
This allows you to manages header configurations for those headers that are generated and used by the firewall
Public class HoneyPotListnersRule
the listening rules for honey-pot service configuration
Public class ReportingConfig
Configuration used by the firewall in regards to reporting. this can be disk, email database or your own implementation that implements IReportDesination.
Public class RulesConfig
Firewall rules configuration element contains the default rules used by the firewall for those modules that are not having configurations annotated on either controller or method.
Public class UrlValidationPatterns
URL validation patterns used in the rule engine
Public class UserAgentConfig
User agent class telling the firewall on how to use and configure managing UserAgent statistics for the application
Public class WebServicesConfig
Helper class used by the firewall's web services to generate and react to firewall related service endpoints


  Interface Description
Public interface ICashingConfig
Interface used for configuring cashing in the firewall


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration AllowWhenCondition
Enum AllowWhenCondition
Public enumeration CypherConfig..::..TamperDetection
Method to use to identify tempering with the data
Public enumeration CypherStore
location where to get certificates from and or to use salt and password
Public enumeration Duration
indicates that the unit is a in a given duration context
Public enumeration ErrorConfigurationElement
States the element that is to be configured
Public enumeration KPILogLevels
Firewall KPI logging configuration
Public enumeration RepeatViolations
Rule controll how to act when repeat violations are incountered