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Walter.Web.FireWall Namespace
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Walter.Web.FireWall.Browser Namespace


  Class Description
Public class UserAgentCounters
Counter for user features discovered to be used by your application (implies that you use storage)


  Interface Description
Public interface IUABrowser
Class User Agent Browser returns the name as well as the version of a given browser.
Public interface IUACpu
Class User Agent CPU informs the CPU used by the device.
Public interface IUADevice
Class User Agent device informs what type of device is used to view the page.
Public interface IUAEngine
Class User Agent Engine tells the version of rendering engine used by the browser.
Public interface IUAOperatingSystem
Class User Agent OS informs the operating system used by the browser.
Public interface IUAUserAgent
Class UserAgent contains data describing the browsers user-agent entry as meta data to the IUserAgent interface.
Public interface IUserAgent
Get information on the user agent used by the user


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration UAAgentType
Enumerable IUAAgentType explains how we classify the browser used
Public enumeration UADeviceType
Enumerable IUADeviceType
Public enumeration UAEngineTypes
Enum UAEngineTypes