ASP-WAF Web application firewall for .Net 5, .Net Standard 2.1 and .Net Core 3.x

Walter.Web.FireWall.Annotations Namespace


  Class Description
Public class ActionProtectorAttribute
Class ActionProtectorAttribute allows you to discover malicious activity against actions and the models that are posted to these actions
Public class BlockDurationAttribute
This attribute allows you to configure a specific rule on a controller or a specific action end enables you to specify how long something should be blocked. Implements the Attribute
Public class CrossSiteAttribute
Prevents Cross-site request (or CSRF) disallow an attacker to induce actions that they do not intend to. Only HTTPS requests are supported!
Public class DisableFirewallAttribute
Disables all rules and validations on an endpoint(s) by the firewall, basically it's an Always-Off for an endpoint
Public class FireWallAttribute
Protects and block any requests that are in violation on URL type pattern attacks and allow only a the specified user types
Public class GeoBlockAttribute
This annotation allows for the granular control GEO blocking in the firewall if GEO blocking modules are registered in service configuration
Public class GeoIgnoreAttribute
Tells the Firewall to ignore geographically access filters to an endpoint Implements the Attribute
Public class HitRatioAttribute
The hit ratio attribute set rule of how often a user is allowed to access the action in a given time. This method specifically helps when protecting probing password recovery or logins or resubmitting the same page scrubbing for data.
Public class IgnoreAttribute
Tells the firewall to ignore this controller or action and perform no actions at all. This is especially use full for those endpoints that do error handling. Implements the Attribute
Public class LimitReffererAttribute
Attribute used to limit the locations where your API or Action can be called from. to a singe resource
Public class MinifyAttribute
Will minify the Razor output if the request is a HTTPGet and does not contain an error.
Public class ModelFilterAttribute
Validates that the model send back to the application is in the right scope
Public class NoCacheAttribute
Tells the razor engine to include not cash the response in any form or way guarantying that the action is re-executed
Public class PageRefreshAttribute
Tells the firewall how ofter a page can be refreshed by the user during a page visit. Implements the Attribute
Public class RedirectRuleAttribute
If a redirect is applied this annotation will control if a incident is raised or it the user is just redirected to a new location
Public class SecureCookiesAttribute Obsolete.
Ensure that all cookies are secure unless explicitly specified and data in the cookie is GDPR protected if at all possible
Public class UsersAttribute
Class FireWallAttribute stating what type of consumers are allowed. Helps mitigate scrubbing and bots reading the sites data ///
Public class WhiteListIPAttribute
AllowRaiseIncident access only to a specific WhiteListed IP address or a IP address range
Public class WhiteListSubnetAttribute
AllowRaiseIncident access only to all resources if they are in the same subnet as the server