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Walter.Net.Networking Namespace


  Class Description
Public class DnsEntry
DNS Entry contains data as returned by the domain name system and can be serialized to disk or database
Public class DnsManager
DNS Manager allows for performing DNS related activities.
Public class LocalNetwork
This class supports a set of methods that allow working with the local network.
Public class LocalTracert
Provide access to trace information
Public class NetworkException
Class NetworkException. Implements the [System.Exception]
Public class NetworkExtensionMethods
Class Network Extension Methods adds additional network related capabilities to networking related classes like IPAddress and Uri.
Public class RipeClient
Class RipeClient. Implements the [System.IDisposable]
Public class RuntimeValues
Semi-Constant values manipulated at runtime, usually they do not change during a session and used by the framework as needed
Public class TraceEntry
Class TraceRout data object.
Public class UriHelpers
Class UriHelpers contain helper methods for use in project.


  Structure Description
Public structure MacIpPair
the Struct MacIpPair contains the MAC and IP address pairs for a given adapter


  Interface Description
Public interface IDnsManager
The .net framework DNS system is too slow as well as limited in DNS actions that it supports. This interface resolves solves this by making it lightning fast was well as add additional DNS related tasks
Public interface IInternalWhoisContactDetails
Interface IInternalWhoisContactDetails is like an IWhoisContactDetails address card for a given entry.
Public interface IIPAddressGeo
Interface IIPAddressGeo
Public interface IKeyCDNClient
Interface IKeyCDNClient
Public interface IWhois
Interface IWhois shows details of a given ISP or other entity with a public DNS name
Public interface IWhoisContactDetails
Interface IWhoIsContactDetails is like an address card for a given entry. Most data types allow null as data is processed by humans in the respected ICAN related organizations and are out of our control.
Public interface IWhoisContactDetailsCollection
Interface IWhoisContactDetailsCollection allows you to iterate over contact details of a given whois entry
Public interface IWhoisCounters
Public interface IWhoisIPRange
Interface containing the Whois data storage for describing the IP ranges assigned to a ISP
Public interface IWhoisProvider
Provider of Who-Is data


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ArpStatus
Enum ArpStatus states the status of a MAC/ IP ARP call
Public enumeration CommunicationScopes
The communication scope of a IPAddress relative to the local computer
Public enumeration IpConnectionTypesFiter
Filter used by some actions to get a specific scope
Public enumeration ISPTrustLevels
Internet Service provider trust setting
Public enumeration Scope
Sope of the networking to focus on
Public enumeration WhoisContactTypes
Enum WhoisContactTypes marks the role that a WHOIS contact has for the public. This can be a organizational group or a person
Public enumeration WhoisStatus
Enum WhoisStatus