ASP-WAF Web application firewall for .Net 5, .Net Standard 2.1 and .Net Core 3.x

Walter.Net.LookWhosTalking Namespace


  Class Description
Public class IPAddresAndPort
Class IPAddresAndPort contains the communication scope of a IP address.
Public class RunTimeSettings
Configuration values for reporting endpoint of the look-whois-talking service
Public class TcpProcessHistoricRecord
Provide historical access to the communication of a process and IPAddress
Public class TcpProcessRecord
This class provides access an TCP connection addresses and ports and its associated Process IDs and names.
Public class TcpProcessRecordProcessExtensionClass
Class TcpProcessRecordProcessExtensionClass.


  Interface Description
Public interface IWhosTalking
Interface used to get the TcpProcessRecord and TcpProcessHistoricRecord from the current server or device


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration TcpConnectionState
Enum the connection state of a given connection