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Walter.Net.HoneyPot Namespace


  Class Description
Public class HoneyPotExtensionMethods
extension methods available for honey-pot classes
Public class HoneyPotServerListnerOption
Use the HoneyPotListnerOption class to configure the firewall to actively monitor port for hackers trying to attack the server hosting the application.
Public class PortAccess
PortAccess is a data structure that contains port and indication of how and how often some one access it as well if the access was allowed.
Public class PortAccessExtension
Helper class generating Port access objects


  Structure Description
Public structure PortAliasMapper
A port mapper used to define the relation from an external port to an internal port


  Interface Description
Public interface IHoneyPotPortDetection
Honey-Pot port detection data
Public interface IHoneyPotPortListner
honey-pot listing service used to monitor connections on port
Public interface IPortAccess
Interface IPortAccess
Public interface IPortScannerDetectionService
Interface IPortScannerDetectionService is the service used to monitor attacks based on port scanners or other non HTTP/ HTTPS based TCP communication


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration DataOwner
Enum DataOwner
Public enumeration IgnoreScope
the scope of how to ignore future request after having been detected
Public enumeration PortStatus
Enum PortStatus provides a notation for port detection nature