ASP-WAF Web application firewall for .Net 5, .Net Standard 2.1 and .Net Core 3.x

Walter.BOM Namespace


  Class Description
Public class AssemblyNotFoundException
Class AssemblyNotFoundException. Implements the Exception
Public class BlockedUserRequest
Class BlockedUserRequest contains the data describing a blocked user as well as the location data in it
Public class DataLossException
The DataLossException is raised when accepting the data the change would result in a data loss
Public class EntryNotFoundException
Class EntryNotFoundException. Implements the Exception
Public class EventRecordedEventArgs
Class triggered in a OnException event in OnExceptionRecorded()()()(). This class cannot be inherited. Implements the EventArgs
Public class FallbackCashing<(Of <(<'T>)>)>
Class FallbackCashing is a unstable form of cashing that allows to retain non critical business objects.
Public class HelpTopicAttribute
Class HelpTopicAttribute is used to generate links to help sections in the website. You should not use this annotation in your projects Implements the Attribute
Public class IPAddressConverter
Class IPAddressConverter. This class cannot be inherited. Implements the [Newtonsoft.Json.JsonConverter]
Public class LicenseViolationErrorException<(Of <(<'T>)>)>
Class LicenseViolationError. Implements the Exception
Public class LogEvents
Error codes used by the applications
Public class NotImplementedByDesignException
Class NotImplementedByDesignException. Implements the Exception
Public class PropertyDoesNotAllowNullException
This exception is triggered to a property that does not allow null, empty strings or blank string to work properly Implements the Exception
Public class RecoveryData
Data structure needed to recover ciphered data with old or temporary keys
Public class ResourceNotFoundException
Class ResourceNotFoundException. Implements the Exception
Public class SingletonException<(Of <(<'T>)>)>
Singleton violation


  Structure Description
Public structure AuditLog
Struct AuditLog contains the lo
Public structure Location
A address entry that can be used by 1 or more location aware objects


  Interface Description
Public interface IControlledDiskIO
Interface used for monitoring and exciting disk operations indicating that it is done in a safe and controlled way
Public interface IDBConnection
Database connection interface
Public interface IDevice
Determine type of device accessing the system
Public interface IDeviceSignature
Interface IDeviceSignature
Public interface IDomain
the licensed domain based for products that are domain based licensed
Public interface IExceptionConsole
Exception and ToDo console logging missing or faulty configurations
Public interface IExceptionConsoleData
Data in the exception console
Public interface IExceptionItem
a given exception entry
Public interface IGetDebuggerDisplay
Assists in generating debugger support
Public interface IKeyRingKey
Key ring entry holding a encryption key
Public interface ILicense
License structure used by all products like firewall, mail server, identity protection and GDPR tools
Public interface ILicenseKey<(Of <(<'T>)>)>
The license key storage object
Public interface IParse<(Of <(<'T>)>)>
Implements parse
Public interface IRepositoryStorageLocation
Interface used to instrument storage location of a given repository data source
Public interface IToDoItem
A to-do item for those hosting the firewall
Public interface ITryParse<(Of <(<'T>)>)>
Implements try parse
Public interface IUserScreen
Users screen definition. this is helpful to identify user displays and also mostly not implemented by bots. if a given screen does not make sense the system will generate a IsBOT flag.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ContentTypes
Type of data
Public enumeration CookieName
Enumerator for names of the cookies used by the system. You should set your own name so that your site can't be identified as being protected by this particular firewall
Public enumeration FirewallAllowReasons
Reason why the item is white listed
Public enumeration FirewallBlockReasons
The firewall Block Reason for a given violation
Public enumeration FireWallContexts
A value stating the context (reason(s)) of the blocking for the firewall
Public enumeration HeaderName
Header names used by the firewall
Public enumeration LicenseStatus
the license status
Public enumeration LinkType
Enum LinkType shows the type of resource that is referenced
Public enumeration RecoveryType
Type of data being recovered
Public enumeration ScreenOrientations
The Screen Orientation provides information about the current orientation of the document.
Public enumeration StorageLocation
Types of storage location to use