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Walter.Web.FireWall Namespace
ASP-WAF | .Net API for WAF Systems

Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection Namespace


  Class Description
Public class CookieStoreBuilderExtensions
AllowRaiseIncident you to add a cookie-store to the firewall where the values stored in the cookies is replaced with values stored on disk or database
Public class DatabaseReportDesinationBuilderExtensions
Class allowing you to register the Database reporting destination
Public class DataToolsExtensionMethod
ExtensionMethod for adding database tools to the application
Public class DbState
Database state for the firewall allows you to specify the configuration options to use
Public class EventLogReportingExtensions
Class allowing you to register the Windows EventLog reporting destination
Public class FireWallBuilderExtensions
Firewall builder Extensions for enabling to integrate the firewall in .Net projects that are using dependency injection as well as a web service to communicate using HTTP protocol
Public class FireWallDiskLoggingExtensions
Contains extension methods that allows you to add logging to disk for the firewall instance, if licensed you will have access to real-time CSV files that you can use to mange the firewall using power shell scripts.
Public class HoneyPotServiceExtension
Helper class for configuring the honey-pot services
Public class ILoggerReportingExtensions
Enables the FireWall to send incidents to the ILogger interface of the application using a specific log level.
Public class MaxMindBuilderExtensions
MaxMind Extension builder helper method is used to configure the firewall's geographical awareness by using MaxMinds's data services. see MaxMind GEO implementations for the actual configuration.
Public class NativeGeoExtension
Class NativeGeoExtension.
Public class ServiceCollectionExtension
Class ServiceCollectionExtension allowing to registered derived implementations of a already registered service to re-use the same service without having to register the same class 2x ending up with 2 instances of the same type in the same scope.
Public class SMPTLoggerBuilderExtensions
Extension method used to allow for an easy integration of standard SMTP email firewall reporting
Public class UserStackBuilderExtensions
This extension method allows you to integrate service into the FireWall framework.
Public class WhoisWhoisBackGroundProcessorExtensions
Extension method used to make background processing available for IWois interfaces extracting ISP WHOIS data for a given IP address


  Interface Description
Public interface IFirewallDBServices
interface used by plug-in's to extend the firewall with database based add-ons
Public interface IFirewallServices
Provide access to the .net dependency framework for registering ASP-WAF Add-on's