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AppliedUrlRules Enumeration

Enum AppliedUrlRules shows additional rules that are applied to a given URL

Namespace:  Walter.Web.FireWall.Models
Assembly:  Walter.Web.FireWall (in Walter.Web.FireWall.dll)


public enum AppliedUrlRules


Member nameDescription
None Only default firewall rules are applied
GeoFilter The Page contains values to block geographical locations some requests are filter
UserTypeFilter The Page contains a contains a UserTypes Filter and will restrict the user types allowed to access the endpoint
FrequencyFilter The Page contains a contains a frequency filter for requests is being filter
BlockDurationRule The Page contains a contains a blocking rule filter
SkipCountValidationFilterLink contains a skip count allowing the user a "pass" on the rule for a certain count, making a rule less restrictive
NoFirewallProtection Firewall is disabled on this endpoint
IPFilter The Page contains a IP address filter The firewall and will only allow a specified IP address to access the endpoint
PageRefreshFilter The page contains a refresh filter
WhiteListIpFilter The Page contains a white list IP address filter
Scrubbung page contains an override for scrubbing
AddHock Addhock configured on endpoint
KnownBadBoys known malicious user rule on endpoint
CORS CORS protection
UserAgentFilter Malicious UserAgents protection
SiteMapFilter Only allows access to users that have been made available
RejectBadIntentions Only allow access based on User-Agent reputation
HoneyPotTrap annotation that can be used to declare that an endpoint is a honey-pot-trap and any access should be considered a malicious
BlockedForPort Indicates that the endpoint (may be a ad-hock endpoint to a resource that does not exist) is protected using EndPoinPortAttribute
APiEndpoint the endpoint is used for external firewall management
ISPBlocked Internet service provider blocking rule