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DiscoveredRout Class

DiscoveredRout structure contains meta data discovered in the application as well as that of those controllers and API endpoints that had firewall annotations on them.

Namespace:  Walter.Web.FireWall.Infrastructure
Assembly:  Walter.Web.FireWall (in Walter.Web.FireWall.dll)


public sealed class DiscoveredRout : IDiscoveredRoutProxy


The type of endpoint, it's firewall rules are buffered in the discoveredRout structure in such a way as that the runtime can easily assert what rules apply as well as what overrides are assigned to a given path.

This structure is created by the firewall in the directory provided in the configuration using the domain name in its name ensuring that if multiple domains use the same folder that the file stays intact. The file is created if it does not exist or if the compilation data of the site is later then the file's time stamp.