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IncidentAssertType Enumeration

Incident type

Namespace:  Walter.BOM
Assembly:  Walter.BOM (in Walter.BOM.dll)


public enum IncidentAssertType


Member nameDescription
NotSet The type was not set
Referrer The referrer value provided
UserHeaderSalt Salt header value
UserCookieSalt Salt cookie value
SessionTrackingHeader FireWall Session ID in header
SessionTrackingCookie FireWall Session in Cookie
AddHockRequests Request to resource from outside of the domain like links to documents images etc
ScrubbingPageLoads data load vs allowed loads
ScrubbingTimeSpan Timespan of measuring data load counts
HidRatePageLoads Page load vs allowed loads
HitRateTimeSpan Timespan of measuring page load counts
DDOSPageLoads Requests vs allowed requests
DDOSTimeSpan Timespan of measuring request counts
BlockDurationExpires The blocking duration expires on provided date
RefreshRatePageLoads The page was refreshed more often than allowed
PenetrationAttempt The url contains a SQL or script injection
WrongAccessMethod Wrong way of accessing an endpoint, can be that a HttpGet was used on a HttpPost endpoint
WrongAccessLocation the geographical location from where the resource was requested is not supposed to access the resource
SessionTrackingCookieSet indicate if optional cookie was used when tracking session cookie values
UserCookieSaltSet indicate if optional cookie was used when tracking user salt cookie values
Pattern the pattern discovered to be in violation
Location the location where the pattern was found to be in violation
RuleNr an optional rule number detailing the reason
RequestersAssociations The request is not associated in the right way with the user validated via the PageRequestId
WrongUserType The user accessing the resource is not associated with the correct group
MaximumViolations Maximum violations reached
Model The endpoint expected a model but none where provided
UserGenerated User generated incident type and will contain the rule supplied by the user code
RepeatViolator the requester is doing repeated violations
Report special type showing the whole incident report of the users session
SiteMapStatus SiteMap status
PageState Page/ request status
AgentsConsideredMalicious Bad user agent
PoisonedCookies Incident created due to cookie poisoning
PortScann The indecent is of type port scan indicating that the user tried to access a non-intended port
InternetServiceProviderBlocksUserAgent The Internet service provider is blocked
TCPResetAttack The source used a ResetAttack to block the application
Blacklisted The user, IP address, or ISP was blacklisted
ViolatedCSPDirective The violated directive in the report
EffectiveCSPDirective the effective CSP directive on the page
HoneyPotPortUsers Detected User using HoneyPot
TorExitNode The user visits from a Tor exit node