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FirewallBlockReasons Enumeration

The firewall Block Reason for a given violation

Namespace:  Walter.BOM
Assembly:  Walter.BOM (in Walter.BOM.dll)


public enum FirewallBlockReasons


Member nameDescription
None No reason specified
DeliberateManipulation The deliberate manipulation on the data. Indicates that the data is system provided and was not valid, ideal for used in cypher, hashes, ID's
HoneyPotTrap The honey-pot trap are those items that a normal user would not try to access
HeaderManipulations Indicates that the headers are not correct either in name or in content
UserEncryptionManipulations Indicates that the user encryption was wrong
UserSessionManipulations Indicates that the user session keys are out of sink or manipulated
PageRereshFishing The page request is refreshed to try and obtain a different outcome provided does not match the one on the page
CookieManipulations The cookie names used or the content of the cookie is wrong
ProxyUser a proxy user detected and was not allowed
PenetrationAttempt The penetration attempt detected
RepeatedBlockedRequest The repeated blocked request
NoAccessFromRegion The no access from region of connection
WrongUserGroup The user belongs to the wrong user group and is not allowed to access a given resource
ScrubbingDetected The user is considered to be scrubbing
UserIdFaulty The user identifier is faulty, could not be matched or was not created by the firewall
WrongUserId The wrong user identifier was provided for a page request
SimulatedDevice The user is using a simulated device
DataValidationError The data validation error when reading or writing data from an untrusted source
GeographyRejected wrong geographical location
UserGeneratedRejection Ad-hock reason end user generated
AddhockFileAccessDetected The add-hock file would be access (access a resource without a page)
CrossSiteRequestRejected Request from external domain
DataSubscription data subscription
MaliciousUser The user is malicious
DeveloperTools The user uses developer tools
MaximumViolationsDetected Maximum violations allowed have already been detected
PhishyRequest The request is a phishing request
AgentsConsideredMalicious The Bot or user is flagged malicious
NoAccessOutsideofRenderedLinks Access rejected based on rendered link on page , session or history
DenailOfService An attempt was made to take the site down
DenySystemAccess The deny system access
AttemptToAccessSystemFiles The attempt to access system files
AttemptOnPluginConfiguration The attempt on the plug-in configuration
AttemptToAccessSiteUsingTheTechnologyStack The attempt to access user wrong technology stack
AttemptToAccessSiteBackup The attempt to access site backup
RequestPoisoningDetected The request poisoning detected
HoneyPotSocketDetected A honey-pot socket attack was detected
CommonVulnerabilitiesExposuresExploitDetected A Common Vulnerabilities Exposures exploit was detected
PortScan A port scan was detected
UnsafeDevice The device is considered unsafe and should be blocked
ResetAttack The reset attack
ALL All flags turned on