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FireWallContexts Enumeration

A value stating the context (reason(s)) of the blocking for the firewall

Namespace:  Walter.BOM
Assembly:  Walter.BOM (in Walter.BOM.dll)


public enum FireWallContexts


Member nameDescription
None No context specified
Physical The physical access to data violations
Geography A geography violation
SensitiveData Sensitive data was manipulated or unauthorized access was attempted
UserProvidedData The user provided data to a model that did not validate, can be user error or data injection/manipulation
UserProvidedOverFittedData The user over fitted the model with more data values than expected
Manual Was my a user defined rule outside of the firewall
BadModel a controller executed a bad data model
Refferer The referrer does not fit the list of possible accessible locations
BadRequest the user makes a request that makes no sense
RequiredDataMissing Required data is missing
CSPViolation The browser triggered a CSP violation
CommonVulnerabilitiesExposuresExploits A Common Vulnerabilities Exposures exploits
DarkWeb Access from the dark web detected