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RunTimeErrors Enumeration

Runtime errors

Namespace:  Walter.BOM.ErrorCodes
Assembly:  Walter.BOM (in Walter.BOM.dll)


public enum RunTimeErrors


Member nameDescription
None The none specific, a generic error
License_Server_Generic_Error license related error
License_Server_Tempering_detected license tampering expected
License_Server_Profile_error profile error
GeographyRequestFailed The geography request failed
Reject_Known_BadBoys_Failed The middle ware failed
Url_Validation_Failed The URL validation failed/
ArgumentNullException An argument null exception was generated
DataStorage Data storage related exception was generated, can user rights etc
ReadCookie The read a particular cookie failed
ReadSession The read from session, or a particular session item
WriteToCookie The write to a cookie failed
WriteToSession The write to a particular session item session
ReadOrWriteJson Json serialization error
Reject_Repeat_Violations_Failed The reject repeat violations failed
Reject_Wrong_UserType_Failed The reject wrong user type failed
Maximum_Violations_Reached_Failed The maximum violations reached failed
Reject_Penetration_Attempts_Failed The reject penetration attempts failed
None_ASP_NET The none ASP net
Reject_Known_BadBoys The reject known bad boys
Reject_DDOS_Failed The reject ddos failed
MiddleWareFailed The middle ware failed
GuardAction_IsAuthorized_Failed The guard action is authorized failed
SqlSetup SQL server setup is not compatible with database
WebRequest The web request has failed
FileMonitor A file was manipulated outside of the scope of the firewall.
TemplateFailed Rendering razor template failed
IncompatibleFireWallState the firewall state does not allow for the activity to execute
User_Code Some code in the user's code base caused an exception