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ContentTypes Enumeration

Type of data

Namespace:  Walter.BOM
Assembly:  Walter.BOM (in Walter.BOM.dll)


public enum ContentTypes


Member nameDescription
None un known or not specified
text the content is text
html the content is html formated text
css css rules
javascript the content is javascript
font the content contains a font
image the content is an image
jpg the image is of type jpeg
png the image is of type png
video the content is a video
MP4 video format is mp4
icon content is an icon image
gif content is a gif image
JsonThe page contains json structure of some kind as a method returned IEnumerable<T> or a JsonResult
svg The SVG image
WebM web media format
audio audio
mp3 mp3
ogg ogg video or audio
application application
pdf pdf format
vnd vendor specific
spreadsheet spread sheet
msword Microsoft word
powerpoint power point
WinZip zip type
octetstream octet stream /gzip, zip,
gzip gzip
ActionResult Generic action result
StatusCodeResult HTTP status code result
Model Model mime type
ReactJs The page contains React script
Xml XML data
Page The item is a page, normally a root entry unless it is in a IFrame
Word Microsoft application file in word format
Excel Microsoft application file in excel format
Zip Zip compatible stream