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Walter.Web.FireWall Namespace
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Walter.Web.FireWall.Models Namespace


  Class Description
Public class BreadCrumb
Breadcrumb navigation item showing the navigation of a given user
Public class CompressionData
Class CompressionData records the minification compression effectiveness and savings per endpoint
Public class Documentation
Documentation container for documentation elements used in the FrameWork
Public class FireWallStackItem
Class FireWallStackItem.
Public class FireWallViolations
Class FireWallViolations. Implements the IFireWallViolations
Public class KpiEntry
Class KpiEntry contains the processing time consumed by a given page for a given step.
Public class KpiPageEntry
Class KpiPageEntry is a entry to the page firewall key performance indicators.
Public class NameCount
Class NameCount contains name and count pair data.
Public class PhishyVisitStats
Requested URL that are not discovered by the firewall and are Phishy by nature
Public class SiteMapPageLinks
The site-map link contains a link that was discovered using the User detection framework
Public class UserAgentAudit
Class contain information for how often a user agent was found in a given context
Public class VisitStats
The structure VisitStats contains the visiting data for a given user on a given resource.


  Structure Description
Public structure GuardValuation
Data structure GuardValuation contains the result of guard actions executed by a given page request.
Public structure IpAddressSubscriptionEntry
IP address subscription entry
Public structure UserScreen
the structure UserScreen is populated when using the JavaScript implementation and the firewall renders page requests


  Interface Description
Public interface IAppliedResetRule
Interface describing a reset rule that was triggered against the firewall internal incident data.
Public interface IFireWallSession
Firewall session object keeps track of the user and his action and visit duration
Public interface IFirewallUser
The firewall assigned user
Public interface IFireWallUserProxy
debugger proxy value
Public interface IFireWallViolations
Firewall violation record
Public interface IIncident
Interface IIncident
Public interface IIncidentAction
AN INcedent action
Public interface IPhishyVisitStats
Requested URL that are not discovered by the firewall and are Phishy by nature
Public interface ISimpleISP
Interface ISimpleISP
Public interface IVisitStats
Interface IVisitStats


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ApplicationCompromisedActions
Indicates the action that need to be taken when a compromised application was detected by the firewall
Public enumeration AppliedUrlRules
Enum AppliedUrlRules shows additional rules that are applied to a given URL
Public enumeration ResetRuleRuleType
Classification type of rule associated with a reset event
Public enumeration SiteMapSearchResult
Site-map search result contains information on the navigation by the user