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Walter.Web.FireWall.EventArguments Namespace


  Class Description
Public class EndpointsCreatedEventArgs
Argument provided when endpoints have been created and you have subscribed to the OnEndpointsCreated event
Public class ExceptionCaughtEventArgs
Event triggered when a process monitored by the firewall Exception Caught. Implements the [System.EventArgs]
Public class FireWallCookieIncidentEventArgs
Class FireWallCookieIncidentEventArgs. Implements the FireWallIncidentEventArgs
Public class FireWallCreatedEventArgs
Class FireWallCreatedEventArgs. This class cannot be inherited. Implements the [System.EventArgs]
Public class FireWallDiskManipulationEventArgs
Event arguments raised by the firewall when disk manipulations has been discovered
Public class FireWallIncidentEventArgs
The Guard event that's being raised by the firewall when the firewall is about to create an incident allowing you to intervene
Public class FireWallResetEventArgs
Class FireWallResetEventArgs is used in the FireWall reset command and will be triggered when a reset command has executed Implements the [System.EventArgs]
Public class GuardActionEventArgs
Guard events being raised by the firewall when an GuardAction is anything but NoAction
Public class InterceptChangedEventArgs
Class InterceptChangedEventArgs. This class cannot be inherited. Implements the [System.EventArgs]
Public class PageCreatedEventArgs
Page event that is raised by the firewall when resource is being requested
Public class PageSendEventArgs
Page event that is raised by the firewall when resource has been send
Public class PhishyRequestEventArgs
Argument used when a Phishy Request is considered, a phishy request is a request that is processed by your web application that resulted from a URL that is unknown to the firewall
Public class RootPageDisposedEventArgs
This class is used when the firewall releases a IPageRequest if the request is a root request.
Public class RulesCreatedEventArgs
Event triggered when the rules have been applied before the rules are used to generate endpoint protection defaults
Public class UserTypeChangedEventArgs
Class UserTypeChangedEventArgs is triggered when the firewall detects a user group association change. Implements the EventArgs