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Walter.DataTools.MsSql Namespace


  Class Description
Public class ConnectionDetails
Connection details for factory or repository that needs specialized connection configurations
Public class ConnectionProperties
Class ConnectionProperties.
Public class DatabaseMigrationException
constraint on the migration
Public class DataBaseRepository
Class DataBaseRepository is the base repository for dealing with Walter.DataTools
Public class DataTableExtensions
DataTable Extension methods
Public class DBScriptConfiguration
Script configuration used with a database script update. if not altered the objects will be created in the dbo schema setting all permissions to public
Public class EventException
Event exception class used when external code caused an exception
Public class EventsException
Event exception class used when external code caused an exception
Public class ExecuteStatementsException
Class ExecuteStatementsException. Implements the [System.Exception]
Public class InitializeStateEventArgs
Initialization argument interface for events
Public class TSqlResult
Contains TSQL statements executed including the result of the SQL statement
Public class TSqlResult..::..TSqlError
the SQL server error generated by a TSqlResult
Public class TSqlResultException
Class TSqlResultException. This class cannot be inherited. Implements the [System.Exception]


  Interface Description
Public interface IDatabaseDetails
Health status details
Public interface IDatabaseTools
Interface IDatabaseTools
Public interface IDatabaseToolsState
Reporting state for data tools interface objects
Public interface IFailedTSqlResult
Contains a list of failed statements in a repository or other data factories
Public interface IInitializeState
Initialization argument interface
Public interface INamedSqlConnection
Interface INamedSqlConnection


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration DataState
data states a database can be in
Public enumeration TableState
The table state a table is in