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Walter.BOM.Geo Namespace


  Class Description
Public class GeoExtensionMethods
Geography extension method
Public class GeoLocationMapping
Helper class that can be used to map country ISO code to a country as well as country to ISO codes.
Public class InMemmoryGeoBuffer
Class InMemmoryGeoBuffer. Implements the IGeoBuffer
Public class LocationExtensionMethods
Helper method calculating coordinates to degrees
Public class SimpleMapLocation
Class SimpleMapLocation. This class cannot be inherited. Implements the IMapLocation


  Structure Description
Public structure SimpleLatLong
Simple lat-long data structure


  Interface Description
Public interface IGeoBuffer
Interface IGeoBuffer used for store GEO data based on the IP address
Public interface IGeoResolver
Basic geography resolver
Public interface IISPResolver
Basic geography resolver
Public interface ILatLongResolver
Tells that the GEO factory is also capable of providing lat/long values as well as city related information
Public interface IMapLocation
A map location that can be used in emails and visualized on a map via the Lat en Long values. To be able to generate map data you must use an interface that implements ILatLongRepository


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration GeoLocation
geographical regions represented as countries and regions